Reblog: Why Word of Mouth Should Be a B2B Marketer’s Top Priority

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Fairly interesting post here from Pam Neely. Contains some hard-to-argue-with stats. Nothing revelatory but further proof of which marketing channels perform best for sales conversion. Thanks to the often excellent Business 2 Community site for this.

Fascinating BBC Radio 4’s Womens Hour discussion on ‘influence’

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Interesting discussion recently on the subject of influence on BBC Radio 4’s Womens Hour program. Intelligent people – presenters, writers, business leaders – entertaining views and some of them counter-culture. What’s not to like? The conversation prefaced a ‘Power 100’ listing of women in the world today. Fascinating that they were trying to steer the 100 so as not to unnecessarily highlight those with ‘negative influence’ – Kim Kardashian a given example.

While they discussed at length the various channels though which cultural influence could be conducted these days, there was no consideration to the central question we always ask – influence on what or whom? Without agreeing on that how can you compare one person’s influence over another’s?

Well worth listening to. For those who can access the BBC’s iPlayer service I’d recommend it.

Reblog: The Rating Game: Are “Influencers” Swaying the Score of Online Product Reviews?

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The title says it all. Makes sense to me.

Thanks to for the story.

More amusing, if brainless, assertions from influencer marketing vendors

Among the most stupid opening lines from an ‘influencer marketing platform’ vendor I’ve read all year.

“Identifying the suitable blogger is not only the most critical part of influencer marketing, it also takes up the maximum time.”

How did they make the giant mind-leap from ‘influencer’ to ‘blogger’ without even the slightest explanation? Some bloggers are influencers, and some influencers are bloggers, but in most markets there’s way less than 30% correlation, and often it might only be in single figures. Who are they trying to fool?