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Understanding the Influencer Market – two 3rd-party Papers

Active Influence White PapersHere’s an excellent two-part paper concerned with identifying market influencers. Written by Richard East of ActiveInfluence in the UK, Part 1 is titled ‘Taking a Marketing Approach’ and Part 2 ‘Selecting Industry Analysts’. Richard was formerly part of the Industry Analyst team for IBM Software, hence his deep-dive into the analyst world.

ActiveInfluence can be found at


The Value of Influence – The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing, written by Openview Labs

This is a terrific third-party Best Practice guide to starting, establishing and maintaining a true Influencer Outreach program for your organization – importantly incorporating offline, online and social influencers. Includes a step-by-step checklist of actionable milestones. My connection to it is that I wrote the foreword.

Mckinsey, Influencer Marketing, The Buyer-side Journey

Here’s a link to a great, and timeless, article from Mckinsey earlier this year. It was published in Forbes mag.

The B2B Customer Decision Journey: The Route To Increased Sales. By Oskar Lingqvist, Candace Lun Plotkin, Jennifer Stanley.


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