Reblog: Predictive Modeling Technologies Make One-to-One Marketing a Reality

The Buyerside, Influencer50, Influencer Marketing, Nick HayesI’ve written before about the huge potential of Predictive Modeling – for both Marketing and Sales activities. Here’s an intelligent post I’ve just read from Ted Karczewski of Skyword.

Reblog: The growth of social business, from Andrew Grill

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.30.46 AMI dont always agree with Andrew Grill, now of IBM, but in this post he talks a lot of sense. The future of ‘social’ is in the ‘business’ not the ‘media’. A message we’ve been saying for years.

Reblog: Leveling the Sales Playing Field With Predictive Guidance

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.53.23 PMA really interesting post at Wired this week. Javier Aldrete talks about the opportunity for predictive guidance when it comes to aiding the performance of salespeople. What struck me were the parallels with market influencers. In talking about ‘tribal knowledge’ he hits on a key differentiator, especially offline, between the top influencers and mere ‘wannabes’.

Move one step further, from predictive guidance to automated mapping, and I think we have the future for real influencer marketing. Not the pointless commercial blogger platforms currently being touted.

The article’s well worth a read.

Reblog: Nielsen research: “Content Marketing is 88 Percent Less Effective than PR”


Expect more of these to & fro arguments – especially since most PR companies are now hurtling head-first down the content marketing route!

“Content Marketing is 88 Percent Less Effective than PR” – based on some new Nielsen research. Talks about why experts/influencers are key.

Hat-tip to Robb Henshaw for highlighting the story.

Reblog: Why The Lithium Deal is Good News for Influence Marketing

Really interesting piece from Danny Brown re the imminent Lithium / Klout match-up.

After all the hype and false claims of being ‘the standard for influence’ over the past few years, when they were clearly nothing of the sort, it was fascinating to see Kara Swisher at re:code describing Klout as “the online popularity contest startup” when she wrote about the deal last week. I wish she and others had described them as that from day one.

Reblog: Why is the status quo your most challenging competitor?

B2B Business Coach, The Buyer-side Journey

The highly experienced sales coach Ian Dainty in Canada posts about the ‘No Decision’ sales outcome.

Reblog: B2B Sales & Marketing – You get delegated to the person you sound like.

Inflexion Point, Influencer Marketing, Influencer50Another great post from Bob Apollo at Inflexion Point.