The first message Sales & Marketing want to convey?

salesteamI posted the other day about a large-scale U.S. client sales team meeting I attended. I asked the sales team what was the one thing they’d like their prospect to know about their company before the salesperson made their first contact. Let’s face it – that’s a core role of marketing. To prepare the ground for sales. I’d previously asked the same question of the marketing team. I’ve simplified the responses. There were approx. 50 sales responses, 25 marketing responses.

Sales Team response:

1. Our product / service can solve your problem.

2. We’re the most cost-effective solution on the market.

3. We’re easy to do business with.

Marketing Team response:

1. We’re an innovative industry-leader.

2. We offer a full range of products / solutions, whatever your size.

3. Our products / services are the highest-rated in the industry.

So the overriding sales message is “You’ll be glad you chose us.” The overriding marketing message is “We’re the biggest / best company.” There’s a gulf between them.

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