Where’s the story when it comes to B2B sales blogs?

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If any company boss had to make a choice between sales or marketing, it’d be an easy choice. Let’s set aside for the moment the argument that the two are inseparable. One is in place to serve the other. One is the journey, the other the reward.

It’s easy to find a number of very attractive marketing blogs – written by very accessible personalities, constantly updated, plenty of dynamic content, thought-provoking anecdotes, vox-pop videos, etc. At the top end you can say there’s the Seth Godins’ and Martha Rodgers’ and Jackie Hubas’ of this world all the way down to those from niche regional marketing agencies.

And then we get to sales-focused blogs. Even I get bored when I search through them. Is there not much to say on the subject of the sales process? Or trends within it? New insights into customer behavior? New ways of understanding how to cut-up markets? How to short-circuit the often tortuous sales cycle?

Ok there’s a few sales rockstars such as Zig Ziegler, but the books he’s written stay firmly in the ‘niche interest’ sections whereas Seth’s are right by the checkout. His books always focus on ‘the story’ and we all like a story. Doesn’t making a sale require a story too?

Maybe the marketers take all the good bits that the sales blogs could justifiably cover. Maybe the marketers see themselves as already covering the sales topic too. Of course it’s possible the sales experts are too busy selling to be actively blogging too. Or maybe those interesting sales blogs are out there and I just haven’t found many*.

There might be more to write about on marketing, because in the pursuit of perpetual interest there’s always a need for ‘new’. The range of topics within the marketing field could be way broader than those for sales.

But it still jars that when it comes to sales & marketing, reading about the journey is more fulfilling than reading about the reward.

*Of course there are exceptions. Bob Apollo’s Inflexion-Points comes immediately to mind.

I’d love to be told I’m wrong. That those blogs are out there. Be sure to let me know.

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