A question about influencers that was just too good for me

Once in a while clients ask a question of our work that at first I think so basic but then later consider almost inspired. Just such a moment occurred last week.

I was presenting the results of a client commission in mainland Europe when a senior manager at that client asked if we could clarify which influencers influenced internally i.e.. within their own organisations, and which influenced primarily outside their organization.

In the back of my head several responses came to mind. From ‘does that really matter?’ to  “how could we measure that?” to “would knowing the answer affect your interest in them?”. And even “is there an answer to that?”

Thanks Susanne, whether you meant it to be or not, it was a great question. And I’m still thinking of a worthy answer.

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Nick is the Principal and Founder of Influencer50 Inc., the co-author of the book 'Influencer Marketing: Who Really Influences Your Customers?', the chair of the LinkedIn Group 'Influencer Marketing & Influencer Relations' and blogs at thebuyersidejourney.com.

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