Influencer Programs: Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs (1)

The Buyer-side JourneyOne of my favorite books of the past year – Nancy Bleeke’s ‘Conversations That Sell’ – reinforces the importance when selling of first identifying a prospect’s POWNs – Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs. Eight years of Influencer Program experience has led us to the following understanding of how POWNs are relevant for Influencer Identification & Engagement Programs. We’d encourage you to apply this to your own organization.

We recently conducted a small-scale survey with our clients and prospects asking them for their own POWNs when commissioning an Influencer Program. I’ll be serializing these four – one each day this week. These were the most commonly cited Problems (in most quoted order) that our prospects and clients are trying to overcome through their Influencer Programs. See if you can empathize.


  • Hitting a ceiling with current marketing approach
  • Not hearing of RFPs until too late in the process
  • Feeling that competitors are getting better introductions & opportunities than your company are
  • Believe that there is a buyer ‘insiders’ conversation of which you’re not part
  • Feel you’re wasting part of your marketing budget on people that aren’t affecting the sales process
  • Feeling that your company is not part of the market trend-makers’ conversation
  • Need to secure a seat for your company at the top table of industry decision-makers

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