Influencer Programs: Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs (4)

Here’s the fourth and final breakdown from Nancy Bleeke’s book ‘Conversations That Sell’ book identifying a prospect’s POWNs – Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs. 

The Buyer-side JourneyOur own prospect and client survey asked for their own POWNs when commissioning an Influencer Program. Below are the most often-cited Needs. (The difference between Wants and Needs? – “I need a vehicle, I want a Ferrari.”)

  • Need to save budget by reducing outreach wastage
  • Need some scientific proof that company is reaching the right people
  • Need to justify marketing spend to own company salesforce
  • Need to show how marketing is contributing to sales leads

Having now given you the most frequent POWNs, I wonder how closely they mirror your own interest?



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