Influencer Programs: Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs (3)

This week I’ve posted about a client’s most often-cited Problems, then Opportunities, leading them to invest in their Influencer Program. This followed the premise in Nancy Bleeke’s book ‘Conversations That Sell’ book of first identifying a prospect’s POWNs – Problems, Opportunities, Wants & Needs. 

The Buyer-side JourneyOur own prospect and client survey asked for their own POWNs when commissioning an Influencer Program. Today I’m listing the most commonly cited Wants from such a Program. Note that a Want to a client can be more important than an actual Need! 

  • Want to apply more science and less pot-luck to your targeting
  • Want to better understand the importance of ‘new’ influencers (ie. online) with more traditional (offline) influencers
  • Want to believe in the process of selecting to whom to reach out
  • Want to understand which influencers are willing to engage and/or partner with your company

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